Midwest Energy Roofless Solar
Clean Energy Collective has partnered with Midwest Energy to provide roofless community solar for their customers who want to enjoy the benefits of solar power with none of the hassles. Space is limited, so act fast and reserve your panels before they’re all gone!

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What Is Roofless Solar?
Roofless community solar arrays, sometimes referred to as a solar farm or solar garden, are centralized solar facilities owned by individual community members who receive credits on their electricity bill for the power produced. With Roofless Solar, any resident or business can take advantage of solar power, even renters! Customers receive the same financial benefits as they would if the solar panels were installed on their roof. Since CEC performs all of the maintenance and provides a warranty, consumers don’t have to worry about maintenance or repair. More…
Clean Energy Collective
Clean Energy Collective (CEC) is the nation’s leading developer of Roofless Solar, a local, off-site panel system for your home or business that provides all the benefits and savings of solar, without the hassle—no panels on your roof and no maintenance. Customers receive credits for the clean power produced directly on their monthly electric bills. In one easy step, customers receive a positive financial payback and reduce pollution – without making any changes to their property.

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"CEC has rapidly spread its wings, and is now active in many states across the U.S."
- Forbes Magazine
"They are developing a new model for the 21st-century electric grid."
- National Geographic
"It opens up solar financially to a much broader swath of people."
- Fast Company
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